Monterebro Vineyards

The Vineyards

The vineyards cover a total area of 140 hectares and are located at an average altitude of 750 metres above sea level. Plant density is 1,600 vines per hectare, and yields are approximately 2 tons per acre. 

The soil is sandy, chalky and rocky on the surface. The climate is continental, and with extreme weather conditions in spite of the nearby Mediterranean sea. The contrast between day and night temperatures is regularly more than 20°C during the rapid growth period. Rainfall is scarce and very irregular, with less than 300mm per year. Due to these weather conditions the vines produce small, very concentrated grapes which go on to produce well-balanced, elegant wines that are highly aromatic in style.

The Monterebro red and rosé wines are produced using the Monastrell varietal (native to Jumilla) and Syrah. Jumilla is one of the most important growing areas in the World for these varieties. Monastrell in particular has been grown in Jumilla for centuries and is perfectly suited to the prevailing conditions and long periods of drought. We also farm a Sauvignon Blanc vineyard which is used for the production of our white wine.