About Us

About Us

We Love Wine.

The Monterebro roots date back to 1870 when the first winery was established in Jumilla. Monterebro is a primary brand of wines belonging to the owners of Bodegas Alceño. Formerly Pedro Luís Martínez, this ancient winery was acquired in 2009 by business partners Andrés Bastida and Jonathan Burrows.

We are located in the historic district of Jumilla and we combine traditional winemaking techniques with the most advanced technology in the industry. Since acquisition in 2009 we have made a number of improvements to the winery which have helped us to increase quality and efficiency.

Management Team:

Managing Director: Andrés Bastida
Marketing Director: Jonathan Burrows
Viticulturist: Carmen Goya
Winemaker: Juan Miguel Benítez
Finance Director: Ángeles Tarraga
Export Manager:
Felicia Pascalau
Administrative Manager: Rasa Proskiniene
Warehouse Manager: Zoraida Cutillas

Accreditations: The Regulatory Board for the Jumilla Protected Designation of Origin, IFS, BRC, FDA, HACCP, Green Dot (Ecoembes), The European Commission of Organic Agriculture, The Organic Agriculture Council for the Region of Murcia